About Coffee, Cake and Computers

The forthcoming schedule of meetings is as follows:
13th February - 2nd Birthday celebration
27th January - We will have a short presentation on music: how to listen to music on the internet for free; what you can get if you pay; and what devices you can use to listen to it.
Family History

If you would like to trace your family history or you are stuck with your tree, you might like to join us and learn how to use Ancestry.co.uk. Come along with your laptop or tablet, or you can use ours. One of our volunteers will hopefully be able to help you if you need assistance, or you can just browse away on your own.

Village Hall History

As you may know we will have a new Village Hall in 2019 and so we are hoping to compile a record of photographs, memories and any other memorabilia of the existing and previous halls. If you have anything that we could use, could you pop it into us to copy? You won’t need to hand it over, we will simply copy it whilst you’re there and you can have a cup of coffee or tea whilst you wait.


It's never too late to learn to use a computer, tablet, smart phones or other electronic device! Do you find more and more facilities and services are only available on-line? We don't want anyone to miss out on things that could make their lives easier or more interesting. Learn how to surf the internet for information, save money by shopping online, research your family tree, book holidays and so much more. Do you have any questions about your ipad usage or how files are stored on your computer? Find out how to personalize your own device to your needs. We invite you to come along to our informal group, that with like-minded people and get the answers to your questions from our team of local volunteers; no question too small.

In Burton Green Village Hall, 22nd March 2016

The project originated from a suggestion made by Councillor John Whitehouse at the Residents' Association AGM on 5th October 2015.

Following on from PC King's recent talk on Internet security, we hope in the future to focus on other topics of interest such as on-line shopping, family history, social media. PC King will return at a future date to give a talk on on-line scams. If you have any specific subjects you wish to be included then please let us know via the contact details below. Details of future topics to be covered will be posted on the Burton Green web site as well as being sent out via the village email loop.

The group meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month in the village hall 3-5pm; drop in at a time to suit you for a drink and refreshments. A small charge of £3 covers the cost of the hall and refreshments. People are encouraged to bring their own laptop or tablet computer to the meetings.

We look forward to seeing you.